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Chesapeake events in Denmark 201703-03-2017 - 07:15


Chesapeake events in Denmark 2017


April 29-30: Inofficial cold game test (day 1) and training day. Jutland, near Randers. Further information: AKTIVITETER


Aug. 19-26: The 2017 Danish Chesapeake Bay Retriever Specialty. Celebrating '50 years with Chessies' in the Danish Retriever Club.


Aug. 19: Temperament test, Danish KC rules

Aug. 20: Blood tracking test (schweiss), 3 & 20 h 400 m tracks

Aug. 23: Qualification test (basic cold game test)

Aug. 24: Rally-Obedience, all classes

Aug. 25: Working test (on canvas bumpers/dummies)

Aug. 26: Cold game test & 'the 50 year Specialty Dinner'

Aug. 27: National Specialty CBR Show


All info about the Specialty events, entry & payment to be found at this page, more details to follow, check in often!

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